I like my life. But sometime I wished I could have been a cowboy. The Clint Eastwood kind of cowboy. Or a anime style warrior. Or a pro football player. Or thousands of other things. And now, it’s easier than ever to get to know how you would look like. Thank you Artificial Intelligence! Man, I wish I could have access to such high tech 20y ago when I was playing role playing games…

For those who wonder how I made these pictures, I used the services of a web platform, https://stableboost.ai/. I initially was looking for new avatar pictures to illustrate some web contents I will soon display on the web and made a few google search. I found this one, and gave the platform 20 pictures of mine (and 20 dollars too). After around two hours of computation it came back to me with dozens of very nice and funny virtual creations. It’s too good not to be shared. The perfect Christmas gift for you love one 😉

It’s amazing how fast the technology evolved. A bit scary too. At that pace, within 5-10 years, everyone will be able to generate deep fake pictures and videos in a matter of minutes. A new episode soon to come in Black Mirror season 8 ! (along with “The governments have launched non anonymous digital currencies”, and after the Netflix show « How me, SBF from FTX, did not go to jail »).

Ps: If you want to see what it gives with specific environments (eg: me at the beach, me in Van Gogh style, me with long hair in a bikini…), feel free to ask as a comment in this linkedin post , I can generate new ones quite easily!