Consulting & Support

Blockchain technologies are still very recent but their impact on numerous business sectors will be considerable. Are you ready to face the change?

  • Training and acculturation
  • Market survey, opportunity study, feasibility study
  • Scoping and expression of the needs, drafting of the specifications
  • Functional and technological expertise
  • Project management
  • Implementation of Blockchain & Consortium Governance
  • Regulatory and legal watchdog

We build Blockchain projects

Not all IT Directors yet know a great deal about Blockchain technology. We provide you with support in the implementation and integration of your Blockchain projects.

  • Technical architecture and technological choices
  • Implementation of prototypes and pilots
  • Development: Smart Contract, Dapps, Code audits
  • Blockchain & IS Integration
  • Cloud Deployment & DevOps Approach
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Resources Staffing Services

You need to reinforce your teams? Benefit from the largest Blockchain expertise network in France.

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To organise a training session on Blockchain technologies and their impact on your business sectors, click here.

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Our Theme-based Offers

Blockchain technologies are disruptive. Blockchain does not apply in the same way in all business sectors and its utility would appear to be highly questionable in certain cases, while in others it appears to be totally obvious. Blockchain solutions will sometimes lead to the restructuring of certain markets, thus creating previously unheard-of consortiums, removing intermediaries and generating trust and transparency where it was previously lacking.

Techniques blockchain

At Blockchain EZ, we have decided to broach Blockchain technology with a multi-disciplinary approach, but always looking at it from the business vision perspective. No-one can be an expert in every field and for most of our offers we rely on the expertise of our partners.

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We are an extended enterprise

We are very proud of our numerous partners.

We do not claim that we know how to do everything. In order however to be in a position to provide the services expected by our clients, we work in close cooperation with a large network of partners, from multinationals to independent consultants and from strategic consultancy companies to software solution publishers. Together we propose a fully-fledged range of services that cover all the potential needs you might have revolving around Blockchain.

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