Our Objective

To become your single point of contact and provide you with the best Blockchain experts and projects on the market

The Team

An experienced and complementary team

Blockchain EZ was created in early 2019 at the initiative of Alain Broustail when three companies came together to share the best of their skills around blockchain technologies.

With 20 years of professional experience in average, the managing partners of Blockchain EZ provide immediate added value to their corporate clients of all sizes.

In addition to providing consulting services, a value-added partnership strategy allows us to deliver the best turnkey projects and solutions to our customers.

Alain has 19 years of professional experience in the consulting and software industry, with a particular appetite for innovation projects in the financial services.

In 2011, he notably took on the responsibility of the Sword Group consulting division in Paris, then of the Sword Performance division in four countries. That was when he discovered blockchain technologies, first as a crypto-investor, but also from 2018 as a consultant when he run his first blockchain implementation project.

In January 2019 he created Blockchain EZ with the Sword Group and Precodata companies, and since then is acting as its CEO.

He is a very experienced consultant, and now spends most of his time assisting board members and seasoned entrepreneurs in reviewing project and investment opportunities.

Alain has the great honour of having been mandated by Sword Group to develop its blockchain business unit.

Lecturer at the CNAM, one of the oldest European engineering school, Blockchain Referent for the  ADBS association, Alain also leads Blockchain training courses for professional associations and clients of all types in the private sector.

In June 2021, he published a book “Using efficiently blockchain technology in corporate projects”, published by Boeck Supérieur (available only in French at the moment).

Our Business

Blockchain EZ is a consultancy and integration company specialised in Blockchain technologies. As our name illustrates, we are a Blockchain pure player (and more broadly speaking specialised in Distributed Ledger Technologies).

Blockchain EZ aims to be agnostic with regard to technologies: not only is Blockchain not a solution that will adapt to all client needs, but on top of that, the competition within the multitude of current and future Blockchain approaches requires open-mindedness and a constant watchdog capacity since none of them are perfect.


Blokchain EZ is a service company capable of operating at a 360° angle for its clients’ projects :

  • From design to production and beyond
  • From technical assistance to the sale of fixed-price projects
  • Blockchain and in particular its integration in the IS target.
Réseau Blockchain

An extended enterprise

In order to cover such a broad range of services for technologies that change as quickly as they do, Blockchain EZ applies a wide-reaching business model approach: we do not aim to know how to do everything and prefer to rely on our expert partners capable of providing the skills and resources that we potentially lack. This partnership approach makes Blockchain EZ into an innovative company in terms of its economic model and enables the company to commit to large scale Blockchain projects from its inception.

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