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You have Blockchain expertise and are looking to take part in a Blockchain project? Contact Blockchain EZ, the largest Independent Blockchain Consultant Network in France so that we can reference you and possibly position you with our clients.

  • Independent Consultant (French ‘micro-entrepreneur’, SASU, EURL, wage portage, etc.)
  • Employee or partner of a small structure (Consultant, Start-ups, etc.)

If you currently have a long-term contract with your employer and dream of launching into an adventure through entrepreneurship, please feel free to fill in the form below. We could help you identify the legal structure to suit your project and will if necessary put you in touch with our wage portage partner companies, lawyers and chartered accountants capable of providing you with support.

If you have already identified an assignment but you need a larger structure to support it, our larger partners can help you.

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We will get back to you rapidly to qualify yours skills and wishes, and define with you on what jobs you want to be positioned.

We are committed to responding to any request in a proactive timely manner with the highest level of transparency regarding the jobs we propose.

Please, aslo indicate when possible:

  • your current and forecast availabilities
  • your city of residence
  • your key technical and business competencies
  • the kind of blockchain projects you are looking for
  • your daily rates