Our Business

We offer a full range of services in terms of Blockchain technologies, from consultancy to operations using our unique network of technical and business experts in France.

Consultancy and Blockchain Project Support

Training and Acculturation

From enhancing awareness of the business impact of Blockchain for heads of companies to technical expertise for an IT Department, our ambition is to pass on our expertise on Blockchain technologies, their opportunities, risks and operating modes.

Market, Opportunity or Feasibility Study for Blockchain Solutions

Around the myriad of projects and start-ups being launched on the Blockchain market, we help you define the limits between passing trends and reality. Has your project idea already been implemented elsewhere? If so how and using which technologies? Can you join an existing consortium and what business model can one imagine?

Business Consulting: identification of the needs, drafting of the specifications

We support you right from the outset in your Blockchain projects, contributing via workshops to be organised or the drafting of detailed functional specifications.

Project Management

We provide methods and resources to assist you in your programme management, technical team management or agile team management.

Functional and Technological Expertise

Our network of partners enables us to provide the right level of expertise on a broad range of business sectors in the market and for most of the existing Blockchain technologies.

Cloud & DevOps

The use of a Blockchain, particularly a private one, requires sound expertise in terms of DevOps (deployment and updating, monitoring, resource management, etc.). We help you to deploy and monitor your Blockchain nodes in the Cloud, around IBM, Microsoft, AWS or Oracle offerings.

Implementation of Blockchain Consortium Governance

The use of a private or public Blockchain requires the introduction of governance rules between the stakeholders. An external eye can facilitate coordination and formalisation of these new rules.

Regulatory and Legal Watchdog

Our partners, lawyers, legal counsels and business experts are at your disposal to explain to you the challenges and standards impacted by Blockchain and the potential case law that may be relevant to your business.

Project Developments

Technical Architecture, Technological Choices

Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, EOS or Corda? Public or private Blockchain? On-premise or in the Cloud? And what Cloud? How to manage lost keys? How to ensure the security of the smart contracts? We help you answer these questions and many others, in addition to defining your Technical Architecture File.

Implementation of Prototypes and Pilot Projects

The use of a new technology, such as Blockchain, often first requires testing. Whether it is to complete a Proof of Concept (without entering into production mode) or a Pilot project (in production over a limited period of time) we can assist you in the design or development phase of your project.

Integration with your IT environment

A Blockchain IT project is made up of 20% Blockchain, 80% integration and specific developments. Our experience and our best in class integrator partners mean that Blockchain EZ is the right choice for integrating the Blockchain subject into an IT system that already exists and for developing the front office layers that might be missing.

Blockchain Developments: Smart Contract, Dapps, Code Aud

Whether it is in the Blockchain (smart contract, Dapps), or on the Blockchain itself (new protocol), we propose qualified resources, by way of technical assistance based on the time spent or on projects that we commit to at a fixed rate, capable of completing your Blockchain developments. We also propose code audit and applications maintenance services. Competences in: Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, Solidity, Golang, php, c#, OCaml.

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The use cases sent are sometimes disruptive and can require totally rethinking the organisation that you have in place. However, if you do not do so, others will no doubt do it before you.

Blockchain EZ and their partners are at your disposal. Please feel free to contact us.

Blockchain technology can be frightening. It changes at lightning speed and start-ups inundate you with messages, all saying how much more innovative they are than their peers. You do not want innovation. You want reliability.

But rest assured, if you take a closer look, a Blockchain project is no different from many other projects that you have already implemented in the past. The only thing missing maybe is the right partner to provide you with the knowledge that you do not yet have and to provide you with the support you need for the start of the journey.