An Extended Enterprise

Our large network of partners enables us to provide the expertise that is really required by our clients and not just the expertise that we have internally.

A Collaborative Model

Blockchain projects are often disruptive… so are we!

Blockchain EZ does not have the vocation of mastering all the Blockchain technologies on the market or for all the business sectors out there. However, we do look to be in a position to provide quality service to our clients and in order to do so, we have decided to work in cooperation with numerous trusted partners who provide us with resources and expertise according to the Blockchain projects. These partners vary from one-person organisations – independent consultants with numerous qualities – to a group with several thousands of staff with a high engagement capacity.

Our partners may be divided into the following categories:

  • Premium Partner: a partnership of the highest level where we share the same expectations and the same objectives and where we authorise ourselves the right to commit reciprocally to our Blockchain projects.
  • Gold Partner: our Blockchain consultancy and integration partners that each provide specific expertise and have agreed to communicate on their participation in our network
  • Silver Partner: quality partners with whom we are still looking to set in place the first Blockchain projects together, or a partner who does not have the possibility of communicating on their partnership
  • Technological Partner: we have created a certain number of partnerships with software publishers and Blockchain operators, more often than not in the context of specific offers.

Please find below the list of Premium and Gold partners.

If you would like to participate in this network please click here to get in touch with us.

Premium Blockchain Partners

Sword Group

An international service company and software publisher, Sword Group and its 2300 staff are known on the market for their commitment to excellence and expertise. Sword is notably a recognised integrator on cutting-edge subjects such as dematerialisation and ECM, automatic language processing, artificial intelligence or geographic information systems. We share with Sword the same values of quality and excellence and are committed to promoting Blockchain technologies together by capitalising notably, but not exclusively, on Sword’s expertise in terms of Electronic Signature, Health, the fight against Fraud and Intellectual Property.

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Precodata nous apporte toute son expertise en pilotage de projet, en cybersécurité, en cloud et plus largement en devops autour de la blockchain.For 8 years, Precodata has proposed specialised consulting services in Cloud and Big Data to the French market, along with network and security expertise. It was hence logical for Precodata to one day show an interest in Blockchain. Charmed by the original partnership model proposed by Blockchain EZ, the next step was naturally to make the company into a Premium partner. Precodata provides us with all its expertise in Project Management, Cybersecurity, Cloud and more broadly speaking in devops around Blockchain

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Gold Blockchain Partners


Athling is a company that provides consulting services in strategy and organisation, specialised in the Banking and Financial sector. The excellent understanding the Athling staff have of the economic and operational models that underpin Banking groups and specialised Financial companies facilitate the analysis of Blockchain opportunities, the potential definition of a business plan and validation of the governance associated with these innovative projects.

Clear Block

Clear Block is a Blockchain consultancy firm that we value greatly for their pedagogical expertise in terms of training and acculturation. When we need support for training programmes, it is Clear Block that first springs to mind.


Talao is the first actor on the market to have focused on the subject of the professional digital identity (of the staff member and the freelancer) with Blockchain technology. We rely on Talao’s expertise for recruitment and staffing project and notably for any questions revolving around the certification of a candidate’s competences, their experience, their diplomas or the management of administrative documents for a sub contractor’s file. Highly tangible subjects that can be implemented very quickly.


Woleet propose une solution de signature électronique et d’ancrage de données dans Bitcoin. Nous l’apprécions particulièrement pour deux apports principaux: son industrialisation aisée permettant à une organisation de signer de manière massive des milliers de documents pour des coûts unitaires très faible, et son approche de l’identité numérique qui facilite la distribution à grande échelle des clés de signature à tous les salariés autorisés d’une même entreprise cliente.


Xdemat is a consultancy firm specialised in questions pertaining to documentary and dematerialisation management. Their business and legal expertise around the electronic signature and archiving with probative value makes Xdemat a quality partner for all the subjects where Blockchain is used for notarisation/certification/content signature.