Tezos Consulting Services

We propose expert services on the Tezos Blockchain

Consulting, Baking and Development Services on the Tezos Blockchain

At Blockchain EZ we are technology agnostic, and we love all blockchains. We regularly work on “EVM” (Ethereum Virtual Machines) compatible technologies or different Hyperledger frameworks.

Over the time, we also developed a set of skills around the Tezos blockchain , which we particularly like for business projects. As a reminder, Tezos is a public blockchain, open source, in production since 2018. Its characteristics make it a solution of choice your professional projects requiring efficiency, security in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise for any project you may have on Tezos.

  • Training and knowledge transfer on the protocol
  • Set up of baking nodes
  • Smart-contracts developments
  • Development of APIs to interact with the Tezos protocol (sending transactions, ledger analysis, setting up oracles, etc.)
  • Implementation of electronic signature, auditability, traceability, anti-counterfeiting projects on Tezos

About Tezos

A green blockchain

Its consensus (the Liquid Proof of Stake) is several thousand times more eco-efficient than the Proof of Work used by Bitcoin

An extremely secure blockchain 

Thanks to its size, its consensus, its incentive mechanisms for miners (we call them bakers in Tezos), by its smart contract language allowing formal verification and full cyber-security audit

A large and long lasting blockchain

Tezos is one of the largest public blockchains in the world, with a capitalisation of 2.7 billion euros in August 2021 and several hundred independent validating nodes. These guarantee its long term sustainability.

An onchain governance

Tezos is evolving quickly, with improvements coming every 3 months in average. For most blockchains, the R&D decisions is something that is either very complex to make, or made only by a handful of people. Tezos enables onchain voting, and every Tez owners can participate in the R&D choices. We love this transparency.

Auditable smart contracts: security / regulation

Smart contracts are developed in a language enabling “formal verification”, and fully transparent cybersecurity audits

An auditable blockchain : security / regulation

The Tezos protocol itslef is developed in an open source language, OCAML, natively facilitating its formal verification audit

A fast growing adoption

Tezos is increasingly used, including by many companies of all sizes for business related projects : electronic signature, traceability of goods, anti-fraud, NFT, online sales, decentralized finance, etc.

People to talk to

The different R&D teams behind the technology are publicly known, and have proven us and our clients many times in the best being always available for any question.