A cost efficient digital signature solution running on blockchain

A digital signature solution that we recommend

Tediji is a green, economical and decentralised electronic signature SAAS solution based on the Tezos public blockchain. Developed by our partner Coexya, we had the great pleasure of participating in its construction.

We strongly recommend it, for every use requiring a “simple” electronic signature as defined by the eIDAS regulation. You will find more information on the website www.tediji.eu as well as below. will find some information below

  • 2 main features : document certification (origin, authenticity, timestamp) and electronic signature
  • Up to 100 times cheaper than traditional solutions
  • A white label solution: 100% adapted to the needs of software vendors
  • High volume API: integrate the electronic signature into your tools, with up to 100,000 certified documents per request
  • Total transparency: signature proofs are in a public blockchain, without dependency on trusted third parties
  • Build your connectors : integrate Tediji in white label with your software solutions, or reuse our standard connectors: Office 365 (Sharepoint, Outlook and Teams), Nuxeo, Bonita
  • Certify all types of documents: PDF, photos, illustrations, music, video, software code
  • Redistribute your signing quotas to your teams/departments or re-invoice them to your clients

Tamper-proof, permanent, universal and transparent evidence

The highly decentralized nature of the Tezos blockchain is an effective alternative to PKI based solutions based on thrusted third parties. It inherently allows a strong authentication mechanism, as well as time-stamping and immutable storage of the proofs constituted during the signature process.

These proofs are universally valid and can be verified independently of any third party.

Tediji, the greenest and most cost effective digital signature platform

The low transaction costs on the Tezos blockchain allow us to offer competitive signature prices compared to traditional solutions. You will finally be able to sign all the documents that deserve them for only a few cents!

In addition, we use the greenest blockchain on the market. It is recognized for its particularly low carbon footprint (annual consumption equivalent to that of 17 global citizens) and its efficiency is continuously improving.

Tediji, a solution made for large volumes of digital signatures

Our product is designed for the specific needs of large companies and software vendors with large volumes of activity and wishing to use our solution in a white label approach via its numerous APIs. With Tediji, you will be able to process large volumes of document certifications and generalize your electronic signature use cases. We take advantage of the blockchain to ensure the level of traceability best suited to your needs.