Tezos DigiSign

A free of charge open source solution, to digitally sign, certify and verify the authenticity of your digital documents in a secure blockchain and in complete autonomy!

The Tezos DigiSign project

Tezos DigiSign is an Open Source project to which Blockchain EZ is a contributor.

The initiative, led by our partner Sword Group , also has the support of Nomadic Labs and the Tezos Foundation .

The platform, with source code available in Gitlab, is intended for companies, institutions and associations with needs either to check the origin, the integrity and authenticity of digital documents they receive, or to timestamp and prove the documents they send are originals coming from them.

Compliant with the European eIDAS regulation on simple digital signature (80% of the market), it is a cost-effective digital signature solution that not only can work with documents, but also with data.

Tezos DigiSign is installed in your IT environments and allows you to carry out your own electronic signature projects in total autonomy, the Tezos blockchain acting for authentication, time stamping and the immutable storage of digital proofs of signature.

Royalty-free, you have no license fees, no trusted third parties to pay, no contracts to sign with anyone in order to use it. Beyond your implementation project, your only costs will be the costs of the signature transactions that you will pass on the blockchain.

Compared on traditional solutions based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and trusted third parties, the advantages are numerous.

For more information on our position regarding the interest of the electronic signature on blockchain and its legal value, do not hesitate to read our white paper (in French) available on this page.

  • Drastic cost reductions. The massification of signatures makes it possible to achieve document timestamping for possibly less than a hundredth of a cent per document.
  • Total autonomy: you do not need to contract anything with third parties
  • Increased security : documents do nott leave your corporate network
  • No need for digital certificate, and therefore no need to manage revocations of these
  • No document format or size constraint, beyond PDF, you can sign videos, photos, autocad files , pieces of music, lines of code, etc ... Tezos DigiSign can also be used to certify the integrity of content held in the database

Source code and documentation for Tezos DigiSign are available on Gitlab : https://gitlab.com/sword-edi/tezos-digisign

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to collaborate on the project with the Core Development team !

Operating process

In a very synthetic way, the principle consists in calculating the hashes (or digital fingerprints) of the documents or data to be timestamped, then to register these hashes in a blockchain whose properties of immutability of the data are known and proven – in this case Tezos .

For cost and storage efficiency, we proceed with the massification of the signature if necessary by applying what is called a “ Merkle tree ” of all the digital fingerprints to be signed together.

The electronic signature used is that of the private key associated with the address sending the transaction in the blockchain, and the timestamp is the one – reliable – used internally by the blockchain network.

The application is easily installed, it is based on preconfigured docker containers. Business applications can contact the signature server via API. Tezos DigiSign also includes a web graphical interface for back office management of the signature server, and for easy web verification of the origin of signed documents.

The application is documented, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

About Tezos

We at Blockchain EZ have already completed electronic signature projects on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Recently, to meet the social and environmental responsibility requirements of key account clients, we are also working on the Tezos blockchain, which presents very interesting characteristics in the context of electronic signatures in corporate environments: 

A green blockchain

Its consensus (Liquid Proof of Stake ) makes Tezos several thousand times more eco-efficient, from an electricity consumption standpoint, than Bitcoin.

An extremely secure blockchain

By its size, by its consensus, by its incentive mechanisms, by its smart contract language allowing formal verification.

A massively used blockchain, and therefore sustainable on the long term

In the top 10 of the largest global public blockchains in May 2020, its market capitalization of its cryptocurrency exceeds 1.5 billion euros on that date.

Known and self-evolving governance

Tezos will evolve, and the decision principles for the choices of its roadmap are known. Users of the blockchain can vote for their choices. For many blockchains, it is difficult if not impossible to know how decisions are made (when there are any).

People to talk to… in France !

We are based in Paris, and appreciate the fact that the R&D teams behind the technology are partly based in France, and available verbally for any questions. Members of the Tezos core team are also present in many other countries around the world.

An auditable blockchain: security / regulation

Tezos is developed in an open source language, OCAML, natively facilitating its audit

Smart contracts auditability: safety / regulations

The Tezos smart contracts are developed in a language which enables total control and auditability on how the contracts are run, even at the deeper software and hardware level.